How To Use Google Lens To Digitize Your Notes By Hand

Several companies have long been working on methods to digitize and convert handwritten notes into text. And, at least from the looks of it, Google has already done it.

According to information from The Verge, the Google Lens app for iOS and Android recently received an update. This can be combined with the most recent version of Google Chrome for the web and thus take pictures with your cell phone of a handwritten note and easily paste it as text in your web browser as long as you are connected with the same account.

To use this new feature you must do the following: first, have the most recent version of Google Lens on your Android or iPhone and the most recent version of Google Chrome on your PC or Mac. Then, open the Google Lens application on your Smartphone and select the option “Copy to computer”. Then, on your computer, select the option to paste from the Edit menu in any Google Docs document.

Naturally, for this feature to work properly you must have good handwriting. Otherwise, you will probably have some text errors as soon as it is digitized. However, this is a convenient tool that will surely save all those people who are now working from home a lot of time.

What do you think of the new feature?

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